Ghana's Miss Commonwealth ::: Princess Duncan
Miss Commonwealth International 2017 Highlights


Miss Commonwealth Ghana wishes to announce to its prospective applicants of the Beauty Pageant about the Auditions of Miss Commonwealth Ghana-2018🇬🇭
After following the application steps accordingly, payment of the attached fee can be paid into Miss Commonwealth Ghana’s Account📥 at (more…)

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Miss Commonwealth International 2017 Ms. Princess Duncun unveils her secret for joining numerous beauty pageants and why she’s hosting the 2018 edition of the Commonwealth beauty pageant

Pageants in general highlight appearances as an important factor of character. That’s why I say “the more beautiful the inside one maintains for oneself, the more attractive she presents to others.
It was in 2012 when I participated in Miss Nugua beauty contest. Later in that same year through to 2013, i saw myself competing with my teen colleagues in the contest of Miss Teen Ghana where i won the Miss Teen Earth category. Two years later, I participated in Miss Earth Ghana beauty pageant. My desire pushed me to participate in Miss Global Beauty Queen in Korea in the year 2016 where I obtain the crown of Miss Peace Ambassador and also came home with two golden medals. 2017, tagged as my year of accomplishment brought me the crown of Miss Commonwealth Ghana and the most fortune, Miss Commonwealth international in London.
I am now the national director for Commonwealth organisations, West Africa and the national director for Miss Commonwealth Ghana.
The reason behind my participation in numerous pageantry was to obtain a platform to impact lives positively. Specifically preaching for peace, reaching out to the poor and helping the less privileged. (more…)

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